Student Organization Fair

12 Sep

On the North Lawn and Colonade of the Reitz Union, IDEAL hosted its Student Organization Fair last Friday.  It was a pretty good turnout, according to our VP who manned the table the entire time.  Apparently, though, there have been a few misconceptions about our club.

1) We are NOT some sort of pirate radio station.  That would be cool, but most of us are very poor college students with no money to get radio broadcasting equipment.  If there’s enough interest in our club to somehow do a radio show, we’d probably just do it a legal way since we also can’t afford to get fined.

2) We ARE a discussion club.  Most of our meetings revolve around a topic (examples of previous meetings include prison rights or gender identity in sports) in which we discuss our thoughts and feelings.  Our secretary sends out an article on which we base discussion and then we watch videos or look at other online articles to show different viewpoints.

3) We don’t have an “official” political leaning.  We are just pro-freedoms.  This includes freedom of choice, speech, religion, and dissent.  If you want to talk about how much you love Glenn Beck, you can do that.  We may not to go out for drinks with you afterwards, but as long as it’s relevant to our discussion, you can do it.  Most of us tend to be a bit liberal, but it’s much more interesting to have talks when there are lots of different viewpoints.

Besides that, we had a decent amount of people interested coming to our next meeting.  If you guys haven’t seen us on campus yet but WANT to see us soon, we’ll be in the Plaza of the Americas next week Wed-Fri for the Civic Media Center‘s RADICAL RUSH.  Come check us out there to support the MU.


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