Alt. Artist in Profile: The Mountain Goats

19 Sep

Now, I can’t say that I’m anything of a music connoisseur or anything, but there are certain bands that I just really like.  Sometimes it’s the music, sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the singer.  With the Mountain Goats, it’s all three.

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats were a band that I was introduced to 3 years ago.  A friend of mine sent me a link to a video of theirs, and I was hooked.  Now, I know The Mountain Goats style of music isn’t for everyone.  It’s a weird folk/rock kind of sound with a unique singer and AMAZING lyrics.  Often the songs tell a story or glimpse into the life of an individual.  A lot of the songs deal with dysfunction or love or both, and the way songs are made, if they aren’t recorded within a week of writing, they’re often discarded and forgotten.  This manner of writing, if nothing else, is interesting and impressive.

John Darnielle started the band in 1991, and for years, Darnielle was the sole member.  Often he will play with other people, but as of now, Franklin Bruno and Peter Hughes are the only “official” members.

I was lucky enough to get to see The Mountain Goats live at Harvest of Hope 2010 in St. Augustine.  John Darnielle was on the acoustic stage and played after Kimya Dawson (also a good show).  While he seemed a bit of a scatter-brain and fairly nervous, Darnielle played beautifully and with tons of energy.  It was an amazing show (especially when he finally got to my favorite song, “No Children”), and even though it was freezing and I had funnel cake sugar knocked all down my front, I would gladly go again.

Their most recent cd is Heretic Pride, which I encourage you to check out.  Here’s some clips of them actually promoting the cd on The Colbert Report, so even if you’re not into indie music, maybe the “Colbert Bump” can sway you over.  And I’d like to give a “Tip of my Hat” to Stephen Colbert for giving such a great, indie band the publicity they deserve!—psalms-40-2


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