Meeting 10/7: Juvenile Sex Offenders

7 Oct

Tonight’s meeting is dealing with the registration and classification of people who are juvenile sexual offenders.  And by juvenile, we don’t mean adults molesting children, we mean children who are sex offenders.

Here are some news pieces and various other pieces pertaining to different views on the subject.  Because no matter what your opinion is on the subject, there is no doubt that it deserves careful consideration.

An article on the label of “sexual offender”:

The Juvenile Sex Offender – Myth in the Making

An article on laws that lessen the consequences of juvenile sex offenders:

Juvenile Sex Offenders Escape Justice?

Fox News’s take on the issue:

Some really angry guy:


Sex Crime Statistics

Some questions to keep in mind while thinking about this topic:

-There is a system in place when it comes to juveniles in the criminal system, but what is currently in place does not offer the same degree of leniency to minors when it comes to sexual crimes.  Should these be reconsidered?

-Is there a specific age that people are aware what they do is right or wrong?  What age should people be considered responsible for their own actions?

-Should consensual sex between minors be treated differently?

-Should there be tiers of sexual offenses?

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