Transgender Athletics

9 Oct

For those who were involved with MU (then Campus Counterpoise) last year, you remember we had a meeting about gender testing and transgendered individuals competing in the Olympics.  The topic was based around the Alternet article on Caster Semenya, the Olympic Gold-winning runner who later was found to be an intersex individual after gender testing.

Recently, there has been an increased awareness of the plight of transgendered or intersex people who want to compete in sports at almost any level.  Since most sports are divided into “girl” and “boy” leagues, problems often arise when a transgendered person wants to participate in the league. “On the Team: Equal Opportunity of Transgender Student Athletes” is a recently published report that aims to help alleviate these problems. A report by Dr. Pat Griffin, a former director at the Women’s Sports Foundation, and Helen J. Carroll, a Sports Project Director at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, “On the Team” outlines the problem of excluding those not strictly “male” or “female” in sports, recommendations for better inclusion practices, and other related issues.

It raises a good point of transgender student rights and ways to promote tolerance and acceptance.  This report is good reading for those interested in LGBT issues or implementing better equality practices in schools.

Other resources that MU recommends:

Inclusion of Transgender Athletes on Sports Teams

Transgender Kids and Sports: What’s Fair to Everyone

Sports: Transgender Issues


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