Next Meeting 11/17: Legalizing Miss Mary Jane

17 Nov

Sorry this is incredibly late.  We have a thousand excuses as to why it is late; however, none are very good.  But better late than never.

So tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the ever popular idea of legalizing marijuana.  Now, being that Prop. 19 just failed pretty narrowly, it’s obvious that this issue is the most mainstream it’s ever been.  So why are we discussing it?

Well, it’s because for so long it has been an alternative issue that has in the last few years transitioned into the mainstream forum.  The transitioning of ideas from the “alternative” realm to the “mainstream” realm is a very interesting phenomenon that we will also be discussing.

So here are our pro and con articles.  Yes, one is mainstream, but this is becoming a mainstream idea, so back off.  See you guys Thursday![soundcloud%20url=%22]


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