Next Meeting 12/2: Wikileaks

1 Dec

Okay, these topic posts are getting later and later.  Sorry about that, but things are getting busy at the end of the semester and Brittany the prez is having difficulty finding time for her blogging duties.

But this week’s topic is about the pros and cons of the organization and purpose of Wikileaks.

To summarize the topic, here’s an email ripped straight from our listserv our dear secretary Danni was kind enough to send out:

Hi all,

Here’s the article we will be discussing tomorrow (sorry it’s late), Thurs.  December 2nd, at 7:30 in Matherly 116, in our last meeting of the semester: Media Shouldn’t Protect Power From Embarrassment: Why Wikileaks Had to Release the US Embassy Cables.

It’s about the WikiLeaks controversy. We will be discussing the security and ethical issues related to WikiLeaks and it’s creator, Julian Assange. Also this week we’ll be having elections! The positions are President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Interested in a position? E-mail either or before tomorrow’s meeting.

Not only does this very nicely surmise the premise of our next meeting, it’s a lovely reminder of ELECTIONS tomorrow, and the sad note of this being the last meeting of the semester.  But we’ll be back in spring with more alternative topics for discussion and will probably continue to post random stuff here whenever Brittany gets off her lazy ass to do it.

lame pun

Stupid Lazy Donkey


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