Meeting 12/2: Wikileaks and You!

2 Dec

Tonight we will be talking about the controversy that surrounds the organization Wikileaks.  Wikileaks is a news media site that publishes material with often hidden or confidential information that anonymous sources leave in their electronic “drop-box.”  Wikileaks writes a piece summarizing the information and its implications with the original documents so that readers can analyze the content for themselves.

This site has made many political and legal enemies.  The issues arise on whether Wikileaks is putting American (or other countries) soldiers or citizens at risk.  Releasing possible sensitive information that political or military figures do not want seen, does sound problematic, but Wikileaks claims that a transparent government makes for a better society.

Whether you agree or disagree, Wikileaks is definitely a very interesting and progressive concept.  Americans should know what its government and military are doing, but if Wikileaks is the right way to do it…maybe it’s something that is necessary until the government is willing to be transparent on its own.

Russia Today talking about Wikileaks

Is Wikileaks a threat to national security?

Recent Leaks:

Your Friend Tommy and his new haircut

Rap News: Wikileaks vs. the Pentagon

Questions to ask:

It is necessary to have a transparent government?  And if so, could a government be expected to maintain a level of transparency on its own?

Does Wikileaks or other confidential information leaks threaten the security and lives of individuals, and even national security?

Should Wikileaks be allowed to exist or somehow regulated, if that’s even possible?

Should more media outlets and news sources be like Wikileaks?


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