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After spring break…another break!

15 Mar

Hey guys, did you have a relaxing spring break? Wish it was a little longer? Well, with the Media Underground, it can be!

We’ll be cancelling this week’s meeting. So, enjoy the extra-extra long break!


Meeting 2/24: Guns on College Campuses

24 Feb

Legislation is in the works to make it legal to carry a weapon on college campuses as long as one has a concealed weapons permit. Especially after campus shootings, such as the tragic events at Virginia Tech, renewed fervor of those who think that students could use their own concealed guns to defend themselves against attackers. Continue reading

Next Meeting 2/24: Campus Gun-Slingers

22 Feb

Last meeting before spring break so we’ll make it something very relevant to UF students. Legislation is in the works to make it legal for people with weapon permits to carry firearms on college campuses in a few states (Florida included). This week’s article is specifically about the state of Texas and this legislation.

Texas Poised to Pass Bill Allowing Guns on Campus

See you guys Thursday, same time, same room (7:30pm in MAT116)

Egyptian president resigns

13 Feb

Friday Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, resigned as president. It’s amazing to watch how an idea can form from internet discourses to set in motion such life-altering events. To know that when people care and are willing to protest and die for a cause, their voices can be heard and their will be done, it’s truly inspiring.

More detailed piece on Mubarak’s resignation here.

How To Appear Smart

3 Feb

Keeping up with news and pop culture is hard. Why would I want to read and think when it could just seem like I read and think! Here’s an amusing look at how to look “well-informed” to the untrained eye…

Little girl breaks down the Egypt situation

1 Feb

Don’t understand why everyone’s in a tizzy in Egypt? Let Juju tell you about it…

Continue reading

Movie Review: Time Code

21 Jan

I’ve always been really fascinated with different forms of narration.  Because of these, I am currently taking a screen-writing class at UF so that I may learn this format of telling a tale. But, as a screen-writing class, we have to watch films that exemplify different techniques or ideas in film-making. So this past Wednesday we watch the movie Time CodeAll I can say is that it was…interesting.

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Student Organization Fair, TODAY!

20 Jan

Hey Undergrounders!  Today from 10-2 pm, the Media Underground will be tabling at the Reitz Colonnade.  Stop by to show your support or bring your friends if you think they’d be interested in a cool club with cool ideas.  We’re a club that encourages discourse of ideas, so anyone who has an opinion about anything is free to join!

Hopefully see you guys out today!

We’re baaaack *SPRING2011*

10 Jan

Hope everyone had a great holiday, but the spring semester has started and, alas, school has begun again.  But the good news means…MEDIA UNDERGROUND will be coming back!

Over the break, we’ve been thinking of some awesome topics for meetings for you guys.  But we won’t be starting meetings for a week of so, not until we do some tabling.  The Student Organization Fair is January 20 & 21 between 10am-2pm, but we’ll only be there for one of them.  We don’t know what day we’ll be tabling yet, but you can bet it’ll be one of those days.

Keep checking our website for more updates about what day we’ll be tabling and when are first meeting of the semester will be.

This Day Will Tell and Unarmed Monster…TONIGHT

24 Oct

Not much to do on a Sunday night.  By-week for Gator football (hopefully long enough for our team to bring it together for the Georgia game), midterms mostly over (if you’re lucky), and you just want a distraction from the fact that the week is about to start.  So come on to the Civic Media Center tonight at 8 pm to listen to some bands!

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