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Egyptian president resigns

13 Feb

Friday Egypt’s president, Hosni Mubarak, resigned as president. It’s amazing to watch how an idea can form from internet discourses to set in motion such life-altering events. To know that when people care and are willing to protest and die for a cause, their voices can be heard and their will be done, it’s truly inspiring.

More detailed piece on Mubarak’s resignation here.


Little girl breaks down the Egypt situation

1 Feb

Don’t understand why everyone’s in a tizzy in Egypt? Let Juju tell you about it…

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Pro-Choice Press Release: Abortion Rights in Jeopardy as Roe v. Wade Reaches 38th Anniversary

22 Jan

January 21, 2011
3:47 PM
CONTACT: National Organization for Women (NOW)
Mai Shiozaki, 202-628-8669, ext. 116; cell 202-641-1906

Abortion Rights in Jeopardy as Roe v. Wade Reaches 38th Anniversary

Statement of NOW President Terry O’Neill Continue reading

Pro-life Article: Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s Dumbest Decision

22 Jan


By Michael Filozof, republished from The American Thinker

Imagine for a moment that you were ticketed for speeding by the state police.  Suppose that you lied to the cop about why you were driving so fast.  Then imagine that a group of special-interest lawyers contacted you and told you they wanted to appeal your ticket to the Supreme Court, and they gave you a legal pseudonym to hide your identity.  Now imagine that the Court ruled that the ancient Romans had no speed limit on the Appian Way, that the Germans have no speed limits on the autobahn, and that speed limits are a violation of the Constitution and must be struck down.

Sound crazy?  Well, the hypothetical scenario above pretty much describes the logic used by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade.  Actually, “logic” is much too strong a word.  The Court’s opinion in Roe is pure sophistry — and very bad sophistry at that. Continue reading

38th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

22 Jan

Today marks the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the supreme court case that legalized abortion in America. Whether you agree with the ruling or not, it was certainly a landmark case that changed women’s rights. As a blog that is very dedicated to civil rights, freedom, and liberty, most of us at MU are pretty pro-choice, but we can’t deny that some pro-life points make a lot of sense.  As a mark of goodwill towards both sides of the issue, we will republish two articles from different sources, one pro-life and one pro-choice.

Either way you lean on this issue, MU wants to wish you a happy Saturday!

Transgender Athletics

9 Oct

For those who were involved with MU (then Campus Counterpoise) last year, you remember we had a meeting about gender testing and transgendered individuals competing in the Olympics.  The topic was based around the Alternet article on Caster Semenya, the Olympic Gold-winning runner who later was found to be an intersex individual after gender testing.

Recently, there has been an increased awareness of the plight of transgendered or intersex people who want to compete in sports at almost any level.  Since most sports are divided into “girl” and “boy” leagues, problems often arise when a transgendered person wants to participate in the league. “On the Team: Equal Opportunity of Transgender Student Athletes” is a recently published report that aims to help alleviate these problems. Continue reading

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