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After spring break…another break!

15 Mar

Hey guys, did you have a relaxing spring break? Wish it was a little longer? Well, with the Media Underground, it can be!

We’ll be cancelling this week’s meeting. So, enjoy the extra-extra long break!


We’re baaaack *SPRING2011*

10 Jan

Hope everyone had a great holiday, but the spring semester has started and, alas, school has begun again.  But the good news means…MEDIA UNDERGROUND will be coming back!

Over the break, we’ve been thinking of some awesome topics for meetings for you guys.  But we won’t be starting meetings for a week of so, not until we do some tabling.  The Student Organization Fair is January 20 & 21 between 10am-2pm, but we’ll only be there for one of them.  We don’t know what day we’ll be tabling yet, but you can bet it’ll be one of those days.

Keep checking our website for more updates about what day we’ll be tabling and when are first meeting of the semester will be.

Results of Officer Election

24 Dec

The results of the Fall elections are as follows:

President: Brittany Weissler

Vice President: Kelli Wiedinger

Secretary: Dannalie Diaz

Treasurer and Court Jester: David Skirvin

So basically, all the same officers were re-elected.  But that doesn’t mean that everything is going to be exactly the same.  We’ll be trying to have more events, more fundraisers, and even more alternative topics and meetings and overall fun-happenings.  See you guys in January!!!  Happy holidays and a great break.

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