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How To Appear Smart

3 Feb

Keeping up with news and pop culture is hard. Why would I want to read and think when it could just seem like I read and think! Here’s an amusing look at how to look “well-informed” to the untrained eye…


Midterm Blues

19 Oct

Since it’s midterms at UF and our football team is getting us super depressed, we in the Media Underground thought you could use a break from the harsh realities of life and your constant effort to champion alternative media.  So, here are some random youtube clips and memes (which are kinda alternative, if you think about it) to get your mind off the mountains of work still in front of you.

Smell Like a Monster

The Toilet Paper Debate

Super Awesome video by Brad Neely about Washington (but it gets really awkward at the end)

Maybe the worst movie idea we’ve ever seen: The Human Centipede

Link to Hipster Dinosaurs


Enjoy, Undergrounders!  And stay strong!  See you all Thursday!

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