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Meeting 9/23: Digital Economy Act

23 Sep

Previously posted are the base articles for what tonight’s meeting is about.  A jumping off point, if you will.  But here (for the dedicated Undergrounder) are some MORE pieces of media to keep discussion flowing and help understanding.  These are what we will be showing during the meeting, so no need to memorize the points or watch all the clips (unless you are going to miss the meeting, tsk tsk), but it’s a nice little taste of what’s to come.

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Next Meeting 9/23: Digital Economy Act

20 Sep

Hey Everyone!  MU’s next meeting is coming up this Thursday.  So, it seems like a good time to give you guys some information on this week’s topic.

This week, we’ll be discussing the Digital Economy Act and it’s implications for the public and the media.  The Digital Economy Act, in a nutshell, is Britain’s way of trying to combat copyright infringement over the internet.  Now, I’d be surprised if most college students have never used some type of file-sharing or downloading that may have been even the tiniest bit illegal, whether it’s downloading movies, burning cds, or even getting an illegal copy of a book.  But the Digital Economy Act is a way to track those who may be guilty of copyright infringement and “shutting them down.”

To learn more about the act, follow these links and be ready for some hardcore discussion!  See you guys Thursday in MAT 116 at 7:30!

UK Pirate Party’s Guide to the Digital Economy Act

Why the Digital Economy Act simply won’t work

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