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Meeting 10/21: Engineering Your Baby Straight

21 Oct

Our topic tonight is on a hormone therapy that was developed for pre-natal girls with the rare genetic condition, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.  However, a side-effect of this therapy is that it makes girls much more likely to be very feminine and much less likely to be gay.

One concern with these findings is whether people will use the therapy who do NOT have children with CAH to genetically engineering their daughters straight.  This also raises the topic if genetic engineering to have “perfect” children should ever be allowed, even if achievable.


Designer Babies


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Next Meeting 10/21: Engineering Your Baby Straight

19 Oct

Our next meeting is this Thursday, October 21st.  Our topic will be about engineering babies, specifically for sexual orientation.


Having a Gay Baby



Here’s the article our own secretary, Danni, picked out for this week:

A New Pill Can Make a  Baby Likely to Be Gay–Will It Be Used to Change Sexual Orientation in the Womb?

Oh that Danni!  She’s a great secretary and picked out a great topic for Thursday. Hope to see you guys there!

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