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Meeting 11/18: Legalizing Marijuana

18 Nov

Proposition 19, the bill that would legalize the sale of marijuana in California, failed.  But the debate still goes on whether states should legalize marijuana.  There are many sides to the issue, but it is an issue that once lived in the realm of the alternative but is now enjoying airtime in the mainstream media.  So for tonight’s discussion, we will talk about the benefits and disadvantages of legalizing pot, but also what makes something “alternative” and “mainstream.”

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Next Meeting 11/17: Legalizing Miss Mary Jane

17 Nov

Sorry this is incredibly late.  We have a thousand excuses as to why it is late; however, none are very good.  But better late than never.

So tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the ever popular idea of legalizing marijuana.  Now, being that Prop. 19 just failed pretty narrowly, it’s obvious that this issue is the most mainstream it’s ever been.  So why are we discussing it?

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