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Radical Rush

14 Sep

The Civic Media Center’s RADICAL RUSH is tomorrow and lasts through Friday in the Plaza of the America’s.  Come check it out, if not to support MU, at least to check out the really interesting other alternative groups in Gainesville.  The Kickstand is really cool and chill and may or may not be playing a ukulele.  The Fine Print will be giving out their awesome newspaper (it certainly doesn’t get the recognition it deserves).  And there’s almost always some extremists who are entertaining to talk to.  Plus, Krishna Lunch is spaghetti on Wednesday and is served right there!  So come and stop by between 11-3 the rest of this week!


Student Organization Fair

12 Sep

On the North Lawn and Colonade of the Reitz Union, IDEAL hosted its Student Organization Fair last Friday.  It was a pretty good turnout, according to our VP who manned the table the entire time.  Apparently, though, there have been a few misconceptions about our club.

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