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Meeting 10/7: Juvenile Sex Offenders

7 Oct

Tonight’s meeting is dealing with the registration and classification of people who are juvenile sexual offenders.  And by juvenile, we don’t mean adults molesting children, we mean children who are sex offenders.

Here are some news pieces and various other pieces pertaining to different views on the subject.  Because no matter what your opinion is on the subject, there is no doubt that it deserves careful consideration.

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Next Meeting 10/7: children who are sex offenders

3 Oct

As Law and Order: SVU will tell you, “sexually-based offenses are considered especially heinous.” This statement is one that most people will readily agree with.  You’ll find few sane people who are “pro-rape” or are cool with the idea of molesting children.  But what happens to those who commit crimes that fall short of rape but are still considered sex crimes?  And what happens when they are children who are committing these crimes?

This week’s topic is the sex offender registry and juvenile offenders.  Click the link below to get to the Alternet article introducing the topic.  It’s a provocative article when it comes to sex offenders, so be ready for some discussion on Thursday.  See you guys then!

Should Child Sex Offenders Be Treated Like Dangerous Criminals All Their Life?

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