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Next Meeting 1/27: Religion’s Place in America

25 Jan

We’re looking forward to seeing the Underground come out for our first meeting of the semester.  The start things out right, we thought we’d bring up something a little more controversial than normal: the role of religion in American society. Continue reading


We’re baaaack *SPRING2011*

10 Jan

Hope everyone had a great holiday, but the spring semester has started and, alas, school has begun again.  But the good news means…MEDIA UNDERGROUND will be coming back!

Over the break, we’ve been thinking of some awesome topics for meetings for you guys.  But we won’t be starting meetings for a week of so, not until we do some tabling.  The Student Organization Fair is January 20 & 21 between 10am-2pm, but we’ll only be there for one of them.  We don’t know what day we’ll be tabling yet, but you can bet it’ll be one of those days.

Keep checking our website for more updates about what day we’ll be tabling and when are first meeting of the semester will be.

Next Meeting 12/2: Wikileaks

1 Dec

Okay, these topic posts are getting later and later.  Sorry about that, but things are getting busy at the end of the semester and Brittany the prez is having difficulty finding time for her blogging duties.

But this week’s topic is about the pros and cons of the organization and purpose of Wikileaks.

Continue reading

Film Screening: Reefer Madness, the Musical

19 Nov

In part of what we’re calling our “Bootleg Film Series,” the Media Underground will be showing Reefer Madness, the Musical in Turlington on Monday at 7:30.  Since we aren’t getting an “official” permit for showing this film, we’ll first be meeting at the Potato in Turlington Plaza at 7:30 to then go up and find an empty room to watch the film in.  It should be pretty fun, and if you’re lucky, there may be frrreeee popccorrrnn (but no promises).  See you guys Monday!

Next Meeting 11/17: Legalizing Miss Mary Jane

17 Nov

Sorry this is incredibly late.  We have a thousand excuses as to why it is late; however, none are very good.  But better late than never.

So tomorrow we’re going to be talking about the ever popular idea of legalizing marijuana.  Now, being that Prop. 19 just failed pretty narrowly, it’s obvious that this issue is the most mainstream it’s ever been.  So why are we discussing it?

Continue reading

Radical Rush

14 Sep

The Civic Media Center’s RADICAL RUSH is tomorrow and lasts through Friday in the Plaza of the America’s.  Come check it out, if not to support MU, at least to check out the really interesting other alternative groups in Gainesville.  The Kickstand is really cool and chill and may or may not be playing a ukulele.  The Fine Print will be giving out their awesome newspaper (it certainly doesn’t get the recognition it deserves).  And there’s almost always some extremists who are entertaining to talk to.  Plus, Krishna Lunch is spaghetti on Wednesday and is served right there!  So come and stop by between 11-3 the rest of this week!

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