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Meeting 11/4: Video Game Violence

4 Nov

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court saw a case in which California would like to pass a law in which it could prohibit the sale of video games to minors.  The question is asked now if this is a form of censorship or if it’s done to prevent children from being exposed and desensitized to violent behaviors?  Tonight at MU we’ll be discussing this and more aided by the media pieces below.

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Next Meeting 11/4: Video Game Violence

2 Nov

This Thursday we are discussing violence in video games and regulations.  The Supreme Court is hearing its first case on video game regulation so this sounded like a great topic to discuss if this is censorship or a necessary precaution to prevent the promotion of violence.  Should there be stricter rating systems of games?  Should there be a rating system at all?  So many questions!!!

You can read the article here that talks about the Supreme Court case and it’s possible consequences.

See you guys Thursday in MAT 116 at 7:30 to talk about it!

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